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CompCiti will ensure you're getting the hardware, software, and equipment you need at the best price possible

CompCiti Hardware Sales and Installation

Do you know the latest technologies including what will be compatible with your current systems? Are your systems “futureproof” so that you can easily and affordably upgrade them when the next new thing comes along? Do you know how secure your systems are, and what extra cybersecurity steps you may need to take integrating products from different vendors?

With CompCiti, you don’t have to.

CompCiti Business Solutions has provided sourcing and installation of hardware and software packages for our New York clients since 1996. Our team of engineers and technicians can ensure you get the right systems for your needs and current network setup to provide maximum efficiency and security that meet your budget.


CompCiti will ensure you’re getting the hardware and equipment you need at the best price possible

CompCiti supplies the highest quality hardware from leading manufacturers such as HP, SonicWall, IBM, and Cisco Systems for better connectivity, quality, and reliability. Before we install any new hardware on your system, we do a complete review of your existing hardware and deliver a plan that will replace/upgrade equipment as needed. To save you costs, we use as much of your current equipment as possible.

Our plan also includes options for expandability in the future so that as new technologies emerge, you will find it easier and less expensive to upgrade. Our staff takes quality into account – as is often the case in technology, a little bit of extra investment today could save thousands in repairs and downtime tomorrow.

We can also meet other hardware requirements such as computers, printers, and other peripherals/equipment, ensuring correct installation and full compatibility with your network.

Software Installation, Programming, and Training

CompCiti provides software installation and training so your organization knows how to use it

Software and TrainingThe key to any great network is great software. As a registered partner with some of the world’s leading software and hardware manufacturers, CompCiti is closely connected with the major networking suppliers including Microsoft, HP, Novell, SonicWall, IBM, and Cisco Systems. This helps us understand which software packages will work best with your networking system — and your office workflow. It also means that we are fully qualified to train your staff as needed so that they get the most from your software.

There may also be times when you will need customized software for your business. Our programmers can build proprietary systems to meet your needs, bridge software packages, increase your network capabilities, and provide you with a more secure network.

Strategic Sourcing for the Best Prices

CompCiti will ensure you’re getting the hardware and software you need at the best price possible

Strategic sourcing is an important step to ensuring you get the best possible price for your networking needs. This is especially true for larger companies who may purchase hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in computer equipment, networking systems, and associated software each year.

CompCiti takes care of all the details for you. We know where to find the best equipment and software packages at the best prices to help you cut costs. We submit a full report before we purchase on your behalf, and offer you different options when available. When it comes to sourcing your network needs, you can rely on CompCiti to secure the best prices from the most reliable vendors in the world.

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