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Founded in 1996, CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. has created solid networking solutions for small and large businesses, government agencies, schools, and other types of organizations throughout New York City. Each of our consultants is a degreed professional and has the experience to provide hardware maintenance and networking services for rapid computer needs. Our engineers maintain a high level of expertise through constant education, technology testing, and certification programs.

What Compciti of New York can do for you!Our two main strengths are personalized, 24/7 service and cutting edge technology. The staff at CompCiti have a vested interest in the success of our company — and that success comes from providing you with the timely and knowledgeable expertise you need to keep your networks up and running. We take advantage of new technologies as soon as they are available, and are constantly looking for ways to help our clients improve their systems. So you get state-of-the-art systems sooner, improve productivity faster, and enjoy the benefits of knowing that we are always there when you need us.

And as your business grows or new products come along, CompCiti will be there to help you upgrade quickly and at the lowest possible cost. We can provide advanced platforms, follow up with proper support, and add any necessary new equipment whenever and wherever you need it.

Contact us for a no-obligation needs assessment, or to simply get answers to your questions. You’ll find the that the friendly, helpful voice you hear now will be the same friendly, helpful voice you’ll hear when you need it most.

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