Why CompCiti?

Why CompCiti?

With advanced cybersecurity services + networking, cloud solutions, managed IT, and other IT services, the answer is clear

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds these days. Stories of viruses, ransomware, stolen customer data, and even leaked information fill the news. Usually, it’s the big companies like Yahoo! and government departments we hear about most.

Why CompCiti?What you may not know is that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are probably affected more often. Damages don’t reach the billions like the bigger companies (hence the major news coverage), but it can still cost SMBs thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Often, these businesses didn’t even realize they had a security problem – until it was too late.

That’s why calling CompCiti Business Solutions before your systems are hacked is such a good move. Our IT professionals have seen it all – and fixed it all. We can provide a wide range of services including:

CompCiti also provides networking and other IT services for a comprehensive solution. In fact, CompCiti has served businesses and organizations in New York since 1996, about the time business networking began. We offer maintenance, installation, and upgrade plans for all your cybersecurity, networking, and IT systems, all with a level of customer service unsurpassed in New York.

With CompCiti maintaining your computer systems, you never have to worry about your network again.

Contact us to get the IT, network, and cloud services your organization deserves.

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