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Email remains one of the most popular – and important – methods of business communications today. But maintaining your email server can be resource-intensive, from server hardware and software maintenance to constantly updating spam filters and virus protection.

Hosted EmailCompCiti’s Hosted Email Service in NYC can help you cut through the IT mess with streamlined, easy-to-use services that allow you and your company to send, receive, and organize emails simply. CompCiti can help you migrate your email capabilities to hosted solutions like Office 365 or Google’s G Suite quickly and easily so you can enjoy all the benefits of hosted services without all the hassles.

Even though these services host your emails, you still keep your own, professional-looking domain name, e.g. [email protected]

CompCiti will set up your company’s hosted email service system, so you’ll get:

  • Better spam filtering and virus protection built in
  • Advanced email management tools to help you keep focused, putting what’s important in front of you
  • Access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Increased deliverability of the emails you send as well, so that your legitimate messages don’t find their way into your customer’s spam filter.* It’s like your email is sent business class!
  • Better company-wide email management for archiving and data analyzing
  • Ad-free service, unlike free versions
  • Advanced email search capabilities

CompCiti will create your email server, do all necessary migration of current email system, and create all accounts as necessary. We also offer optional hosted email service setup on company smartphones, tablets, etc. so they are working properly and ready to go for your staff without any hassles.

*Spam filters follow their own rules, and therefore it’s difficult to predict how likely each individual email message will be marked as spam. However, most people report that sending mail through a trusted hosted email system like Google or Microsoft has reduced the incidence emails getting lost in a spam filter.

Added Features Included with Many Packages

Most of the popular hosted email services including Office 365 or Google’s Gmail also offer additional features at no extra cost. Different companies offer different packages, but your package may include:

  • Synced calendars and/or other scheduling features
  • Online meetings/conference calls
  • Free online video and/or voice calls
  • Online software including word processors, spreadsheets, and more
  • File sharing
  • 24/7 phone and email support from the service
  • 30-50 GB of storage, per email address across all applications (email, word processor, etc.)

Where to Start? How About CompCiti…

Choosing which hosted email service is right for you can get overwhelming, which is exactly why you should call CompCiti. Contact us to arrange a consultation by phone or in person, and we’ll show you what your options are, and help you choose the options best for you and your company.

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