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Marketing consultation

The combined power of Digital Experts to help you take the right initiative.

A business that aims at expanding and growth has to involve marketing in its agenda. While only a handful of businesses have access to the time, resources & expertise required to run an in-house digital marketing team. Others prefer working with a dedicated marketing consultant help run marketing campaigns with ease.

Marketing consultation is a service that allows you access to experts from the field of marketing and digital marketing. These experts collaborate with your in-house marketing team or on their own to provide your company with the best practices to incorporate in your business.

CompCiti offers a unique approach where IT and digital marketing teams collaborate to give your business the best online presence. From up to date industry practices to strategic market development. We provide end to end services for all your digital marketing and web related needs.

Why digital marketing consultation?

Marketing consultation gives you access to an ocean of knowledge and best industry practices through a team of experts here at CompCiti. Consider us an extension to your business, providing services that help fill the knowledge gap and industry expertise that help you get better results for your campaign efforts. Some of the reasons you should consider a marketing consultation service are:

  • Streamline marketing campaign- helps design a smooth running and streamlined set of marketing campaigns strategically made to help your business engage with your customers.
  • Best industry practices put to use – with the help of expert opinions, all the latest and best-suited marketing practices are implemented in your marketing campaigns.
  • Get a better ROI- with higher user engagement the effort you put into the campaigns pays off in terms of better ROI and engagements.
  • Image and brand management – marketing consultants understand your business and its target audience. This future helps create a brand image that would gain popularity amongst its target audience.
  • Understanding competitors, consumer and target market – market consultants’ study and design campaigns around your niche market. Thereby helping you get ahead of your competition and reach your target audience simultaneously.

Responsibilities of a Marketing consultation team

A marketing consultation services include a host of services and responsibilities towards its clients a few of which are mentioned below

  • Providing analytical feedback and approach to the campaigns to enhance the efforts.
  • Recommending an innovative approach to reach the target audience.
  • Precisely Projecting your brand image to its customers.
  • Identifying key ways to improve customer loyalty.

With CompCiti marketing consultation services your business is ready to take on a wider target audience with the right tools and strategies in place. Call us today for a consultation, and find out how Compciti marketing consultation services suit best for your business.

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Integrated Solution. Efficient Management. Better Results.

This integrated solution is poised to add tremendous value to our clients by:

Saving Time & Cost: Dealing with multiple vendors to manage your website, SEO, or development projects is time-consuming and expensive. With our new service, our clients save time and cost by dealing with just one vendor.

Seamless Management: As their trusted IT Partner, we know their business requirements and IT infrastructure to seamlessly manage website, SEO, or any development projects.

Single Source of Truth: Should things break or go-down, for instance the website. With CompCiti managing the IT and digital marketing combined, we have deeper audit trail capability to resolve issues faster.

Strengthening Data Security: Being an IT and cybersecurity expert, we are better equipped and well informed than most marketing agencies to secure website and apps from imminent cybersecurity threats.

Special Pricing: We have a proven track-record for delivering high-performance services at an affordable price. As a valued client, our clients receive special pricing for our integrated Digital Marketing services.