Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Better ranking. Better visibility. Better growth.

CompCiti provides dedicated Search Engine Optimization that helps your business gain better traffic and online visibility on search engines.

Improve the quality and quantity of web traffic to your website with SEO services. This is achieved through strategies, techniques and tactics used by our experts to help your business achieve high- ranking placements on search engine pages.

Your customers are looking for you, are you there?

SEO provides a bridge between your potential customers who are already searching for services similar to what your business provides with those available online. With SEO you are able to cut through the crowd and stay visible whenever someone searches for your business services online.

What is included in CompCiti’s SEO services?

CompCiti aims at providing small and medium businesses around New York the best online presence to help them grow. Through SEO optimization, small and medium businesses get to stay in the spotlight for relevant services and equally relevant web traffic generation. Some of the services we provide are:

Competitor Analysis– see what your competition is doing or rather lacking. Utilize this to have a leg up among your competitors.

Off-page optimization– promotional methods such as backlink from other sites that give your website better visibility.

Pay per click service – get the right traffic to your website through AdWords and PPC services for your website that generates traffic.

Keyword analysis– what are the keywords the search bots recognize best when it comes to your services? Recognize and integrate these into your website content to generate maximum web traffic.

On-page optimization– expert advice on including the right title tags, description etc on the website to optimize the page for best search result ranking.

Online Presence analysis – an important aspect to your marketing strategy, this will show how easily your business can be found when someone searches for it online.

With CompCiti’s SEO services, small and medium businesses can shine on par with the major players online. Book a consultation with us today to know how you can grow your business through SEO services.

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Integrated Solution. Efficient Management. Better Results.

This integrated solution is poised to add tremendous value to our clients by:

Saving Time & Cost: Dealing with multiple vendors to manage your website, SEO, or development projects is time-consuming and expensive. With our new service, our clients save time and cost by dealing with just one vendor.

Seamless Management: As their trusted IT Partner, we know their business requirements and IT infrastructure to seamlessly manage website, SEO, or any development projects.

Single Source of Truth: Should things break or go-down, for instance the website. With CompCiti managing the IT and digital marketing combined, we have deeper audit trail capability to resolve issues faster.

Strengthening Data Security: Being an IT and cybersecurity expert, we are better equipped and well informed than most marketing agencies to secure website and apps from imminent cybersecurity threats.

Special Pricing: We have a proven track-record for delivering high-performance services at an affordable price. As a valued client, our clients receive special pricing for our integrated Digital Marketing services.