Chief Information Security Officer (CISO on-demand)

VCISO On-demand

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) On-demand

It is a Friday evening and you get to learn that your network has been hacked. Do you know what to do? Companies with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) would know exactly what to do next since it is a primary responsibility of the CISO to draft policies and procedures to tackle situations like these.

With the rapid rise in cybersecurity and data breach related incidents and introduction of various Chief Information Security Officercybersecurity regulations mandating proper policy and procedures, companies are either hiring a full-time CISO or opting for CISO on-demand services.

CompCiti offers CISO on-demand services to help businesses establish and maintain cybersecurity policies to prepare themselves for better protection against cyberattack. We provide a balanced approach to reduces the risk of cyber-attack on your business, without bringing the operations to a halt.  Our CISO on-demand service helps create an effective information security program by:

  • Establishing Information Security Team
  • Manage Information Assets
  • Decide on Standards, frame work, and compliance
  • Review / create policies and procedures
  • Assess Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks
  • Manage Risks
  • Create an Incident Management and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Implement Security Controls
  • Conduct Trainings
  • Conduct internal audit
  • Providing regular stakeholder-ready reports
  • Have a neutral external auditor to provide an unbiased security assessment, and more.

Why CompCiti?

  • Over two decades in information security and compliance regulation services
  • Experts in regulatory compliance such as SOX Section 404, 23 NYCRR Part 500, PCI and HIPAA
  • Fully certified consultants, including CISM and CISA
  • Experience in serving a diverse clientele including, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
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