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Businesses and organizations are increasingly becoming web-based. Twenty years ago, being “on the web” meant having a website and email. But today, almost everything we do from online transactions and interoffice networking to our phone and security systems uses the Internet in some way or other. That’s great – the goal of technology is to help us reduce costs and become more efficient.

Compciti of New York - Cloud ServicesHowever, there is a downside to technology. Just as storefronts have steel mesh they pull down every night to stop thieves and vandals from breaking in or vandalizing windows, your online windows have to be locked down too. The difference is, a single hacker can take down your whole organization but sneaking in through one small crack in your cybersecurity.

Another major difference is that it’s easy for you to see what storefront windows you need to protect. But do you know where all the holes are in your cybersecurity? If not, you’re not alone. The average person doesn’t even know what to look for. With CompCiti Business Solutions, you don’t need to – we’ll find the holes in your cybersecurity for you and fill the gaps.

What Do Cyber Management Services Include?

At CompCiti Business Solutions, we provide a range of Cyber Management Services to maintain and protect your IT systems. These include:

Plus, we offer “traditional” networking services that are anything but traditional! Every system we install or upgrade integrates seamlessly into your cybersecurity plan with the necessary protections in place for the level of security you need. Find out more about our:

How Our Cyber Management Services Work

CompCiti starts with vulnerability testing to find out any gaps in your cybersecurity. Some we can fill immediately such as upgrading virus protection and software. Others may require a more involved process to bring your cybersecurity up to standards. We provide you with a full report so you understand exactly what’s happening with your systems.

Most importantly, almost all of our services are provided in-house (the only exception is HIPAA Compliance Audits, which we provide through our partner). Our trained technicians are capable of installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining any business IT system from the simplest router to complex Enterprise solutions. You’re guaranteed professional, reliable cyber management services and IT support every time.

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