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IT and Digital Marketing Solution

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Seamlessly Integrated IT and Digital Marketing Solution

Tired of dealing with multiple different vendors for your IT and Digital Marketing Services? CompCiti offers integrated IT and Digital Marketing Solution to seamlessly manage your two critical business functionalities.

IT and Digital Marketing

Marketing executives and IT department regularly collaborate at different levels of digital marketing including website development/host/maintenance, server configuration for SEO, and web/app development. Integrated solution help companies to have better control over the proceedings, eliminates time to manage multiple vendors, and reduce costs in the process.

Website and applications are common gateways for cyberattackers to get into a network. Integrated solution ensures companies have detailed cybersecurity protocol and measures in place. Plus, since the IT partner are well-informed about their client’s IT infrastructure, they are in a better position than anyone else to make objective recommendation on digital marketing tools to use from a technology stand-point.

Digital Marketing – Highlighted Services

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO – Google Ranking)
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Custom Web Portal Development
  • Developer & Coder On-Demand Service
  • API Integration
  • Marketing Consultation, and more.

Integrated Solution. Efficient Management. Better Results.

This integrated solution is poised to add tremendous value to our clients by:

Saving Time & Cost: Dealing with multiple vendors to manage your website, SEO, or development projects is time-consuming and expensive. With our new service, our clients save time and cost by dealing with just one vendor.

Seamless Management: As their trusted IT Partner, we know their business requirements and IT infrastructure to seamlessly manage website, SEO, or any development projects.

Single Source of Truth: Should things break or go-down, for instance the website. With CompCiti managing the IT and digital marketing combined, we have deeper audit trail capability to resolve issues faster.

Strengthening Data Security: Being an IT and cybersecurity expert, we are better equipped and well informed than most marketing agencies to secure website and apps from imminent cybersecurity threats.

Special Pricing: We have a proven track-record for delivering high-performance services at an affordable price. As a valued client, our clients receive special pricing for our integrated Digital Marketing services.