SOTI ONE Platform-Connecting Everything

The SOTI ONE Platform gives you complete control and visibility into all your mobile devices in the field: smartphones, tablets, computers, rugged devices, industrial printers and more.
You need an Enterprise Mobility Management solution to handle all your business-critical mobility requirements: app development, managing and securing devices, remotely troubleshooting and resolving mobile device issues, gaining analytical insights into device performance, and managing your IoT deployments.

Products & Solutions

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that gives you visibility and control over where your business-critical mobile devices are, what they’re doing, how they’re performing and what security or compliance risks they’re facing.

Deploy apps to smartphones. Enroll and provision new tablets in the field. Track the location of rugged devices. Identify and neutralize security risks to the IoT endpoints. Protect critical data stored on mobile devices. Minimize device downtime so field workers stay productive.

It’s the EMM solution designed for any device, any form factor, any operating system (OS) and any mobile requirements of your business.


Mobile device downtime is expensive, resulting in unhappy customers and frustrated workers. You can’t see your remote workers, but you need to understand what’s happening on their devices. It’s impossible to support and diagnose issues without having the device in your hands.

SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl, providing a supercharged solution with the operational intelligence, support and management tools you need to streamline your business. Part of the SOTI ONE Platform, with SOTI XSight IT administrators can improve performance and reduce the operating costs of their business-critical mobile operations.

SOTI X-Sight is the world’s first integrated diagnostic intelligence and support solution.


OTI Snap is a cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities (camera, video recording, barcode scanning, etc.) of your mobile devices. With SOTI Snap, you can easily digitize data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, allowing your business to save money and optimizing your mobile device investment.  

Once data is collected, SOTI Snap moves it through automated, customized workflows to required stakeholders for necessary decision-making. This enables organizations to quickly act on data in near real-time while having full visibility into what data has been collected, who has seen it, where it is in the approval process and where it is going next. This helps cut costly, time-consuming bottlenecks, making you more productive and enabling service delivery in a snap. 


Android Management

Devices running the Google Android operating system (OS) are secure and ready to work, right out of the box.The Android platform is adaptable to any business, in any industry, including: emergency servicesretailtransportation and logisticsfield services and healthcare. Regardless of OEM, model or form factor, Android devices – and the business-critical apps installed on them – are vital to keeping mobile workers productive.

Glass provides hands-on workers with a glanceable display designed to be worn all day with its comfortable, lightweight profile. When Glass is paired with the SOTI ONE Platform, you get total visibility into critical details such as the location, profiles and applications associated with your Glass deployments; along with the ability to remote into the device to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Apple Management

Your customers have critical demands and they expect fast and reliable service. Your workers are demanding mobile apps to streamline their workflows and eliminate cumbersome manual processes, and they need 24/7 support when their mobile devices do not function the way they are intended to.

Many organizations rely on iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices throughout their operations and need an integrated business-critical mobility strategy to effectively manage these critical tools. These devices are built to maximize productivity and collaboration amongst your remote workers by keeping them connected and giving them access to corporate content and apps, in real-time.

The SOTI ONE Platform’s integrated application and content management features broaden the business mobility capabilities of your Apple devices, while maintaining security and protecting valuable company data.

Linux Management

Linux is embedded in numerous enterprise devices and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints. These devices and endpoints require diligent security from initial deployment to retirement; otherwise, sensitive corporate and customer data is at risk of being lost, stolen or compromised.

SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, delivers Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for Linux-based mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints. Whatever your industry or mobile operation requirements, SOTI MobiControl protects your Linux devices – and that data on them – against unauthorized access and exploitation.At the same time, SOTI MobiControl makes it easy to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix problems in the field to minimize frustrating downtime and maximize worker productivity.

Windows Management

SOTI Manages All Windows Devices

SOTI was the first EMM vendor to deliver full device management for rugged Windows CE devices, and today we are an industry leader for the mobility management of Windows 10 end-points; smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

What SOTI Can Do For Your Business

  • Simplify Business Mobility

The SOTI ONE Platform is an innovative, integrated management solution that maximizes the ROI of your business-critical mobile devices and printers.

  • Minimize Mobile Downtime

OTI XSight has the support and management tools needed to fix mobile device problems faster and analytics insights to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions around your business-critical mobile strategy.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management

SOTI MobiControl makes mobility management easy. It simplifies the security, management and support of your business-critical mobility and IoT deployment.

  • Digitize Processes

SOTI Snap enables organizations to rapidly create mobile apps that digitize business processes and boost worker productivity.