Peace of Mind

CompCiti gives us peace of mind because we know we have someone we can trust and rely upon to keep our computer systems up and running.

Alice Spitz
Managing Partner
Molod Spitz & DeSantis, P.C.


In Good hands

Over the years that we’ve worked with CompCiti, our office’s IT infrastructure has evolved from a basic server and client environment to one that includes cloud storage, online backup, and remote access. CompCiti has assisted us every step of the way, providing valuable insight on the services that would work best for our particular business, and helping to integrate them into our systems. They have been able to address our changing needs, as well as provide reliable day-to-day support and server and network management.

Robert Nguyen
Senior Office Manager
JLL, Grand Central Terminal


Seamless Network

PL Industries has a number of offices throughout the USA and Mexico, so it’s crucial that we have a network system in place that could link with our marketing, administrative, production and corporate headquarters seamlessly. Thanks to CompCiti’s design, we are always connected with these offices and have not encountered any major network problems or downtime despite our complex needs.

Michael Rudnick
Marketing Manager
PL Industries LLC


Outstanding Hardware Service

CompCiti has provided Broadfield Capital outstanding service and technical support, which includes the complete design of our computer and network systems. CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. is reliable, knowledgeable, and professional.

Jefferson W. Kirby
Managing Member, Broadfield Capital


24 Hrs Available

I don’t know much about networking computers, and frankly I don’t want to. But I do know that since we brought CompCiti in, we have had less network problems. CompCiti has done an excellent job of keeping us online, and are always available if something does go wrong. I recommend them to others every chance I get!

Uma Sarada
Administrative Director,
Writers’ Guild of America (East)


When we decided to network our computers, CompCiti understood that we needed a network that would allow us to add new employees as the company grew. We went from five network users back then to about 40 now. I have heard of some companies having major problems with this much growth, but we have had no trouble adding a new user whenever we needed to. I’m glad I found CompCiti right from the start.

Babu Khalfan
Signs + Decal Corp.


We had heard so much about hacks, ransomware, and viruses lately that we began to question how secure our own networks were. We decided to have a security audit.  CompCiti has been our technology partner for a number of years and we know that they provide networking and IT services, so we gave them a call to see if they could help us with our Security audit.

CompCiti was professional, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. They came in to do a vulnerability scan on all our networks and IT systems. Thankfully, they didn’t find any major problems but they did give our IT department a full report with suggestions for making our systems more secure. “Making sure all the windows are closed, and the doors are locked” is a nice way to put it. CompCiti also helped us with training to show our staff what to look out for so that they’re less likely to open virus emails or download files from suspicious websites.

I would highly recommend CompCiti for any cybersecurity issues.

Siyong Yu
Associate Director CIS
St. Thomas Aquinas College


CompCiti has provided IT services to Alleghany Corporation for over 15 years.

We outsource the IT function, but the CompCiti team has been fully involved in all key IT decisions made over the years.  From service and support, relocation services, hardware acquisition, designing and building our network  and security, CompCiti provides us with great value and delivers results tailored to our individual users.

Peter Sismondo
Vice President & Controller
Alleghany Corporation

Everyone I have worked with is knowledgeable, meticulous, and flexible

I wanted to take a moment to let you (CompCiti) know how refreshing it is to work with you and your team.

Everyone I have worked with is knowledgeable, meticulous, and flexible. You and your team has helped immensely in this office move, it is much appreciated.

Troy Koboldt
Information Technology
W&W AFCO Steel

Your partnership is incredibly valued here

We understand and appreciate how much effort you put into this critical transition for our company. You both put in lots of hours – day and night, weekday and weekend – to keep us moving forward. Your partnership is incredibly valued here.

Joseph Sutkowi
Karp Strategies

We highly recommend them

After researching a few IT service companies I came across CompCiti and called to inquire if they could help us. Our startup had experienced a lot of growth and we were longer able to operate on our Verizon WiFi services without constant drops of WiFi and/or no service on most days due to the amount of folks using WiFi. We’d finally come to understand we needed to expand and build our WiFi services to accommodate our current structure.

I met with several IT companies but not until I met Sam did I realize THIS is the person I need for the job. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable on Networking and our particular issues, he spoke with complete confidence and with the calmest demeanor I’ve ever seen. I myself, had been very stressed for months dealing with Verizon who were NOT able to help us since they only guarantee a signal. The day of and leading up to our installation we were kept up to date on timing and what we could expect when installing. The tech was knowledgeable and completely professional. Seamless installation. The follow up care days after was handled wonderfully. Looking forward to working on a longer term managed care as we don’t have an IT employee in our company.

I’m very grateful to have found Sam and CompCiti. We highly recommend them. We’re even using them again now for a wiring project. 5 stars from Highfield.