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All-in-one third-party risk and attack surface management software. UpGuard builds the most powerful and flexible tools for cybersecurity.
Whether you’re looking to prevent third-party data breaches, continuously monitor your vendors, or understand your attack surface, UpGuard’s meticulously designed platform, and unmatched functionality helps you protect your most sensitive data.


UpGuard BreachSight

Manage Your External Attack Surface With Confidence
Uphold your organization’s reputation by understanding the risks impacting your external security posture.

UpGuard VendorRisk

Streamline Your Vendor Risk Management
Automate your third party risk assessment workflows, and get instant notifications about your vendors’ security.


Integrate UpGuard with the tools you use every day
Monitor and remediate security risks by connecting your favorite apps to UpGuard
Increase your chance of getting interviewed by 3x


UpGuard for Financial Services

Reduce third-party risk to your organization
UpGuard helps you assess, remediate and manage third-party risks across all of your vendors.

UpGuard for Technology

Protect your customer data
Your organization is responsible for safeguarding customer and user data, making it a target for cyber attackers.

UpGuard for Healthcare

Manage your attack surface
Conduct continuous cyber and business monitoring to reveal potential vendor risks and inform prioritization and risk awareness.

What UpGuard has got?

Security ratings

Vendor security ratings
Domain security ratings
Custom notifications

Third-party risk

Vendor inventory
Vendor tiering
Vendor portfolios

Risk assessment

Vendor users
Vendor comparison
Vendor risk waivers
Vendor risk matrix

Reporting and insights

Executive reporting
Vendor risk report
Vendor subsidiaries


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