Cyber Secure Holidays

Cyber Secure Holidays (1)

Anyone who connects to the Internet can become a victim of cybercrime, whether via e-mail, social media, a Google search, phone call, text message or simply by logging on to a computer. Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before, someone sitting at any corner of the world can interfere your business/job and can shut you down. You may not even realize it, but you may already have become a victim; if you have not, you will become one sooner than later.

Cyber criminals can strike any time, invisibly or behind the scenes. Many times, you will not know they are even there, and they may install malware on your computer that can steal data without being discovered.

As the festive season is here, our online shopping spree is one the rise.In this hustle and bustle, we often overlook securing our smartphone, laptops and tablets that  weuse for shopping online.

Here are some tips  to help you strengthen your cybersecurity game during this holiday season.

  1. Device Security: Devices which are not protected via strong passwords are easily accessible, as you make it easier for criminals to get into your device by guessing your easy password or no password at all. Follow these tips to secure your devices:
  • Always protect your devices with strong passwords including 8 characters with combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters.
  • Use an extra layer of security such as biometric password features (facial recognition, fingerprint readers).
  • Set up your device to automatically lock the screen when idle.
  • All devices should be up to date with latest security updates and secured with Anti-virus, Anti-Malware. Cyber criminals take advantage of unpatched and outdated applications to gain access.
  • Never reuse passwords for different accounts
  • Never save password in doc or browser, use password manager like LastPass, KeePass etc.
  • Backup data and keep it safe
  • Encrypt devices
  1. Public Internet: Despite of the obvious temptation, avoid connecting to Public WIFI networks as they are highly vulnerable. If you are travelling and you need to access internet on-the-go, consider getting an unlimited Mobile Data planor a pocket internet device.

If you are connecting to a Public WIFI network,follow these security practices:

  • Always use VPN (Virtual private network) to add a layer of security
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Don’t access sensitive information such as healthcare or banking sites
  • Connect to secured sites starting with “HTTPS”
  • Turn-off WIFI if not in use
  1. Safe Online Shopping: Here are somesafety tips for shopping online:
  • Create an alternate email address that you can use only for online shopping sites. This way you can keep your primary account safe in case your account is compromised or flooded with junk emails.
  • When accessing websites for the first time, read reviews to trace authenticity and first-hand user experience.
  • Don’t click on links on suspicious looking emails even with tempting deals, they are often too good to be true and laced with malware.
  • Use safe payment methods
  • While making purchase online, be aware of the kind of information being collected to complete transaction. Remember, only fill out the required field at checkout.
  1. What to do if compromised: If you notice that you have been hacked or compromised, immediately change the account password and report the fraud to the company who owns your account. Disconnect from network.

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