Disaster Recovery Service in New York – Data Backup and Business Continuity (DRBC) Plans

Disaster Recovery Service in New York

It’s heart-stopping – the moment you realize you’ve just lost crucial company data due to a power outage or some other disaster. Business orders, payment receipts, annual reports, bank statements, client and customer contacts, sales, inventory tracking – all gone.

Situations like this happen in New York every day. Perhaps they’ve even happened to you. But they don’t have to.

CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. provides a disaster recovery service in New York that protects your data. This involves implementing a comprehensive backup system that is secure and offsite for maximum protection. But it’s not enough to have your data backed up – you also need to get up and running again as fast as possible after a catastrophic event. CompCiti uses sophisticated disaster recovery systems that will restore your data and systems as quickly as possible after a shutdown. In many cases, it will be like your system never crashed.

We also cover every possible scenario with our disaster recovery service. In New York, that could be natural calamities such as fires, hurricanes, and flooding; power-related events such as power outages or infrastructure failure; human threats to your systems such as cyber attacks, viruses, ransomware, hackers, and other malicious attacks; or even human error by a staff member. CompCiti can help reduce the risk of losing data during these and other catastrophic events.

Not only does CompCiti provide disaster recovery services in New York and surrounding areas, we also provide system monitoring services. If your database or network becomes dangerously overloaded, many times we’ll be able to alert you to the problem so it can be fixed before disaster strikes. We also monitor for viruses and hacking attempts, often stopping the problem before you lose any data.

Don’t let natural or man-made disasters threaten your company. CompCiti’s robust disaster recovery service in New York will protect your data – and your business – with a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) plan and system improvements to help prevent catastrophes in the first place.

Contact CompCiti Business Solutions can protect your valuable data with a DRBC solution that fits your needs and budget. Find out more about our disaster recovery service in New York by visiting us online (https://compciti.com/drbc/) or by calling (212) 594-4374.