How a Computer Consultant in New York Can Secure Your Business Data

Computer Consultant in New York

Finding a reliable computer consultant in New York has never been more important – or complex. Modern IT systems, advanced cybersecurity needs, and growing integration with other services and software platforms means that your computer consultant should actually be a team of specialists focusing on their own key areas. That could prove to be expensive for small and medium businesses (SMBs) who want to keep their IT needs in-house. Many SMBs are finding that contracting out their IT work to professional third-party companies is actually more cost effective and provides better protection for them in the long run.

That’s for several reasons. For one, the costs of maintaining an IT department can be considerable. Salaries, benefits, and the real estate needed to house the department (network administrator, programmer, data security expert, and hardware technician, etc.) can add up, especially in a major city like New York. Then there is also the ongoing training required to ensure your IT staff are up to date on the latest technologies, cyber threats, and cybersecurity measures.

On the other hand, hiring a third-party computer consultant in New York frees you up from many of those costs. You only pay for the services you need, the IT professionals working on your systems will be knowledgeable, and you’ll have access to additional services such as Level 3 technicians and other IT specialists that perhaps you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Computer Consultants in New York Specialize in Different Areas

It wasn’t long ago that many computer consultants could do it all from networks and data servers to anti-virus software. However, as systems have become more complex, IT professionals are more likely to specialize in particular areas. Here are some of the specialists you may need working on your systems.

Computer Hardware

An expert computer consultant in New York can efficiently maintain a wide range of equipment such as PCs, workstations, networks, UPSs (Uninterruptable power supplies), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, and other integrated systems. These specialists can handle everything from design and installation to hardware maintenance and repair. They are also experts at troubleshooting problems, reducing the number of downtime incidents as well as the total amount of downtime should the worst happen.


The reality is, software is more complicated than ever before. But the real change is the number of different software packages out there now, and the increasing number of ways they interact with each other. Software specialists ensure that all your software systems are up to date and working well together, including third-party software.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Increased integration between different organizations through computer systems has made cybersecurity more complex. Off-the-shelf antivirus programs are often not enough to protect your data – and that of your customers – from malicious hackers and other sophisticated cyber threats. Cybersecurity specialists provide a range of services from ensuring your data and networks are secure and monitoring systems for cyber attacks, to training staff on the dangers of opening the wrong email.

Custom Solutions

Often, off-the-shelf solutions are not flexible enough to meet the needs of your organization. This calls for custom solutions tailored to your needs including programming skills to help connect different software and data management packages, creating unique cloud-based solutions, and other ways of creatively building IT systems that meet your needs.

Outsourcing Computer Consultant Services the Best Solution

Clearly, maintaining an IT department that can handle all the tasks mentioned above can be expensive. Hiring a professional computer consultant firm in New York will provide you with all the IT expertise that you need (including 24/7 emergency service) at a price that is better for your budget. It will also free up resources so that instead of managing an IT department, you can focus on your own core business.

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