How’s Your Server Running? (Are You Sure?)

Server Maintenance Service Keeps Things Running Smoothly

We all know what happens when the network goes down – your business grinds to a complete stop. But did you know that most of these problems are avoidable with a good server maintenance plan?

For too many companies in New York, emphasis on their network system ends on purchase day. It’s no surprise then that more often than not, problems that arise are due to lack of proper server maintenance. Think of your car and all those moving parts. If you never changed the tires, changed the oil, changed the filters, eventually the whole thing would seize up or fall apart. Sure, computer networks have fewer parts, but they do have electronic components that can burn out over time – and the results are the same.

The best thing you can do to avoid network and computer crashes is to have it regularly inspected with aging equipment replaced. Companies who do not have an IT department should consider a professional server maintenance service rather than attempt to maintain it themselves. CompCiti, for example, provides server support service in New York City and throughout the tri-state area. The net result is fewer crashes and a much more efficient network and computer system for our clients.

Here are a few other tips for keeping your server running smoothly:

Manage Disk Usage

Disk drives on servers and computers get cluttered over time with old, useless files. Not only do they take up disk space and slow down your system, they may invite security issues. By properly managing files and data on your disk drives, you will increase computer and network speed, be less likely to experience database table corruptions and data loss, and avoid possible security issues.

Inspect Hardware including Server and Computer Resources

It is important to review the logs for any signs of hardware issues such as overheating, disk read errors, and network failures. These issues are considered to be the early indicators of potential hardware failure. Also, review your server’s disk driver, CPU, and RAM, and compare it to your network usage stats. You can often boost efficiency by upgrading or moving to new equipment, especially if the equipment is nearing end of life.

Stay Updated

This can be a tough one! With so many systems and so many updates, you and your employees can easily get behind. However, it’s vitally important for security aside from anything else. Updating also helps eliminate software bugs and often improves the overall efficiency of your computer systems.

Verify Backups

Sure, you scheduled a backup for those files. But did it actually back up? Full disks, incorrect schedules due to human or software error, and many other causes can lead to incomplete backups. If your system does suffer a catastrophic crash, the results can be even more dire if your data is wiped out – and no computer repair service in New York will be able to help you recover data that doesn’t exist. You may also want to consider an offsite or cloud backup system to ensure your data remains safe during any contingency. CompCiti can help with this, too.

We’re working when you are!

In fact, we can help you with any of the above, and more. CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc offers quality server maintenance service in New York to help increase your productivity and reduce network crashes. We can create a server maintenance service schedule that fits your workflow. And, with our 24/7 emergency service, help is always a phone call away. We’ll ensure that your server, network, and computers are secure and running efficiently.