Top Advantages of Choosing and Using Managed Services in New York

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Can you save time and money by managing your own IT systems?

Chances are, no. Yet every day, small business owners in New York are trying to do exactly that. Not only is it an inefficient way to manage their IT, it takes away from what they should really be focusing on: their core business.

There are companies offering managed services in New York that can take care of all your IT needs from installing and maintaining your networks and computers to more advanced technology such as VoIP and cloud services. And, they can usually do it faster and more cost efficiently.

These services are needed now more than ever. Small businesses have many different computer systems for business activities such as sales, inventory tracking, and customer relations – software and hardware that’s growing more sophisticated all the time. Managing these complex systems is a task on its own. Gone are the days when you could rely on “Frank in accounting” (because he knows something about computers) to update your network.

On the other hand, hiring an in-house IT staff brings its own headaches. Besides salaries and benefits, there’s also on-going training, upgrades, and keeping up with the latest technologies. You also need a project manager to direct IT staff and plan for future changes. Once again, these activities take you further from your core business.

Leaving it to the professionals is usually the best answer for quality managed services. In New York, there are many different IT professionals who can essentially becoming your IT partner. This ensures a personalized approach to IT services while reducing your costs.

Here are a few of the many advantages to finding a reliable managed services provider in New York:

Frees up in-house staff – Not too long ago, delegating computer-related tasks to in-house staff was a pretty common thing. But these days, it’s hard to keep up with the advances in technology if you’re not committed to it full time. Managed service providers in New York are full-time professionals who are dedicated to maintaining their credentials – and your systems. Most importantly, your staff doesn’t have to stress or worry over your IT systems, focusing instead on the job they were hired to do.

Keep up to date with technology – Technology is changing faster and faster, and organizations who manage their own IT systems have to make sure they keep up with it. That means understanding new technologies, deciding how to future-proof upgrades, and balancing the cost of new IT with the return on investment (i.e., is this a technology that will bring us value now, or should we wait for the next new thing…?)

IT professionals offering managed services in New York take care of all those details for you. Not only can they install and service the latest technology, they can help you plan which technology makes the most sense to invest in now.

Greater versatility and scalability – Similar to the point above, knowing how and when to scale up your operations takes years of expertise and IT understanding. For managed services companies, providing scalable, versatile systems for clients of any size – including yours – is second nature. They’ll know exactly when you should consider expanding your IT capabilities, and help you do it seamlessly.

24/7 accessibility – There is no such thing as 9 to 5 anymore. Even if it’s after hours for your office, your IT systems need to be running all the time. You need a managed service provider in New York who can provide support anytime during the day or night to ensure you’re back up and running faster.

Ensures compliance – Many industries are governed by certain standards to ensure that customer data (including patient data in the healthcare industry) is kept safe and secure. Professional managed service providers are fully aware of these regulations and can ensure their clients are fully compliant, and be able to produce the documentation to prove it.

Affordable fixed pricing – Monthly contracts are extremely useful because you know up front what you’ll be spending on your managed services. In New York, professional managed service companies are often better at estimating how much certain upgrades or expansions will cost than an in-house team as well, simply because they do estimates like this every day.

The CompCiti Advantage

Not every managed services company in New York is alike, so it pays to shop around. Take CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc., for example ( Based in New York since 1996, we have seen many changes in technology over the years – and we have helped all of our clients take advantage of those changes. They become more productive, have more secure data, and are less likely to suffer downtime due to network disruptions or other catastrophes.

Call CompCiti right now at (212) 594-4374 and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest to find out how our managed services professionals in New York can help you get in-house service without the in-house price or hassle.