Top Managed IT Services Trends Of 2019 And What to Expect In 2020

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Many businesses choose to rely on Managed IT Services. This allows them to outsource some functions to a professional IT company. This can give them access to complex technologies at a fraction of the cost of managing them in-house. It can also allow businesses to utilize technology without spending a lot of time training new staff. For these reasons, more businesses are turning to Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs).

If you run a small business in New York, or if you are in the IT or executive management field, then Managed IT Service Providers (or MSPs) are not beyond your knowledge base… But do you know what the industry is trending towards in 2019? In the interests of growth, we wanted to examine some of the top managed IT trends of the year to try and discern what we can expect in the early stages of 2020.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Eclipse:
There are several new trends that have started to shape the services provided by MSPs in 2019. First, there was a new focus on emerging technologies, like Bitcoins. As cryptocurrencies become more widely established in society, more businesses are starting to experiment with these technologies. For example, a business might want to amend its website to allow a customer to pay in Bitcoin. This trend is expected to weaken slightly in 2020. While cryptocurrency will continue to be important, it will start to be eclipsed by blockchain technology, which has wider application potential.

Cyber Security Will Get Tougher
A greater nod towards cyber security is going to be a growing trend in managed IT in the next few years. Whole companies could be brought to their knees by the potential leaking of client data. Hackers cost the US roughly $172 billion in 2017 – a number that has grown every year since the invention of the internet and the subsequent IOT. If your Managed IT Service Provider in New York isn’t providing enhanced security measures, then we suggest you look elsewhere.

The Cloud Will Continue to Make the World Smaller
In 2019 we also saw a focus on automation and growth in the number of businesses using services in the cloud. Using these technologies, business owners were able to save both time and money. Cloud storage has also made it easier for business owners to run their companies remotely. For these reasons, we saw a strong increase in the number of MSPs who helped businesses set-up these services.
This professional working space allows your small business to head hunt the very best team members from all around the globe. All projects can be synced and shared at the click of a button, and all team members can contribute on shared software.
As far as we are concerned; this is the ultimate in streamlined organizational resourcefulness.

The more we can harness the skills of team members a whole world away, the better we can progress as a society. This technology is going to drive the modern workforce into 2020 and we are going to see several similar products offering approximate solutions in the same way.

Big Data Processing Will Pick Up
With the huge volume of information that Managed IT Services in New York need to process, it is only a matter of time before newer, quicker processing is developed. This may be software and it may be hardware, either way, we will be watching the market with interest to see what is produced.

5G Networks will expand
Next year, there will be a higher focus on 5G networks. New phones will have this network installed and more people will be upgrading their services. For this reason, many businesses will want to make sure that they are compatible with 5G. In 2020, businesses will become increasingly focused on gaining insights from user data. To do this, they will turn to emerging technologies like machine learning. These technologies can be one of the best ways to process large amounts of information in a short time. Finally, you can expect to see the focus shifting from cryptocurrencies to blockchain technology. Due to the security of blockchain, more businesses will be interested in finding a way to integrate this technology into their business.

The type of services offered by MSPs will continue to shift, according to what the market wants. As we discussed, 2019 has seen some very strong trends emerge in the market. These will continue to dominate in 2020. However, due to the emergence of new technology, there will be some big new trends that will start to dominate the market.

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