VPNMalware Filter Alert


A new Malware is making headlines again called, the VPNMalware! The malware is infecting home and small business routers at an alarming rate that is estimated to be over 500,00 routers.

The Impact

VPNMalware is capable of monitoring and stealing data rendering through the affected router. Several malfunction and device impairment has been reported citing the malware as the root cause.

The Router

So far, Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link and Microtik have been reported to be impacted by this malware.

The Cure

If your home or office router is compromised by VPNMalware then you must first immediately perform a full factory reset and then install the updated firmware released by the manufacturer. Upon following these steps, reconfigure the router either to your previously deployed settings or the adjusted configuration recommended by the firmware. It must be remembered that resetting the router back to factory setting means that the router goes back to its original form where a full reconfiguration is required. However, factory reset is highly recommended to disinfect your router from the malware.

VPNMalware brings the focus back on securing not just your workplace network but also the home network of your workforce. Cybersecurity experts have been advocating to include home network security as part of the extensive cybersecurity network planning. However, many businesses would either ignore home security entirely or would not take enough measures to proactively protect against such lingering security threats.

Today, when flex hours, work from home and cloud computing is becoming a regular part of work routine, it is critical for companies to ensure that they secure not just their office network but also take steps to create guidelines and measures to safeguard network of the workforce that accesses the office network from their home or other locations.

Home Network Security

Multiple devices and internet connection comes with its own sets of benefits and complexities. Home network security is securing the network that connects multiple devices with each other and the internet within a home. However, home network security often doesn’t get enough attention when compared to that in an office environment. Home network users have the following common misconceptions:

  • We are too small to be a cyberattack victim
  • We have all the security measures required to safeguard my network
  • Our office network is secure and when we connect from our home network we are secure

Home Network Security Tips

  • Install a network firewall
  • Keep the firewall and antivirus up-to-date
  • Take regular data backup from all devices in your network
  • Install an antivirus and enable wireless security
  • Password protect all devices in your network
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious or unfamiliar links received in emails or through internet search browser

For more home security tips, go to https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/tips/ST15-002