Why Business Need the Disaster Recovery Service in New York?

Disaster Recovery Service in New York

Data loss. There are few things as detrimental – and frightening – to a business or organization. Sales and transactions, customer data, sensitive information… data is the lifeblood of what we do. Yet many organizations in New York do not have proper backup and disaster recovery plans in place. Should the worst happen, their data could be lost forever?

That’s why businesses need a good disaster recovery service in New York. These IT consultants specialize in testing your IT systems and policies to find out how well you are backing up your information. If you’re like most (according to a 2017 Small Business Trends report, 58% of small businesses are not prepared for data loss), you likely could do better. The consequences of not backing up your data properly are serious:

  • Risk of losing confidential data
  • Cost of downtime while trying to restore the data
  • Dissatisfied clients
  • Damage to reputation
  • Lost sales and customers
  • Bankruptcy in serious cases

Disaster Recovery Service in New York: Prevention is Better Than Cure

A good disaster recovery service in New York will be able to help you in several ways. First, they will audit your systems to find out what your current backup policies are, and if they need to be improved. They will be able to develop a disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) plan customized to your needs to protect you in the event of:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Fire and flood
  • Power failures
  • Physical theft of computers and data servers
  • System breakdowns including hard drive failures, network failures, etc.
  • Human error (accidentally deleting data is one of the most common forms of data loss)

It is important to always protect your valuable data and network systems from unforeseen circumstances.

Look for a Multi-Service Disaster Recovery Service in New York

Since disaster recovery is so intertwined with other areas of IT, you want to find a disaster recovery service in New York that can help you with all your IT needs including cybersecurity, networking, cloud services, managed IT services, and more. Finding one company that can take of all your IT needs will protect your data and systems even more. They will be able to come up with one comprehensive plan to ensure your company or organization is running smoothly and securely.

Since 1996, CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. has provided its clients with disaster recovery services in New York as well as business networking services, cybersecurity, managed IT services, and specialty services including VoIP installation and maintenance, and IT staffing. CompCiti backs up its comprehensive range of IT services with some of the best credentials in the business including Microsoft Silver Partner certification and ISACA IT auditing certification. It also maintains outstanding customer service with a BBB A+ rating and a Google 5-Star rating.

For disaster recovery service in New York – and indeed all your IT needs – contact the IT professionals at CompCiti: CompCiti.com or call directly at (212) 594-4374.